Applying the Softnek Guitar Pad

                                                                Please make sure to watch the video here before application.

Customizing the Softnek Guitar Neck Pad for your guitar is very easy to do, and only takes a few minutes. Basically what you’re doing is measuring and cutting for width and length, then adding some repositionable tape. The guitar neck pad comes rolled up in the box, and should be applied to your guitar neck with the curve facing down. That way it hugs the guitar. The first step is to line up the guitar neck pad from where the nut meets the fingerboard, up to the last fret just before the heel of the guitar. If your guitar neck tapers before the heel that’s o.k., the guitar neck pad will stretch around it. Then while holding the guitar neck pad in place, mark it next to the fret at the heel end. After marking this spot, put the guitar neck pad on a flat surface, measure to the mark you made, then mark the other side of the guitar neck pad the same distance. Draw a line between the two marks and cut along that line. Now you have the proper length. Next you’re going to measure the guitar neck pad to the width of your guitar: Take the two sided tape, unroll and apply the exposed adhesive side to one side of the guitar neck pad, as close to the edge as you can. Make sure the curve in the guitar neck pad is facing up at this point. Overlap the tape about 1/2 inch on either side. You can re-position the tape at this point if necessary. Next smooth down the tape while applying pressure, and then cut the excess tape overlap even with the guitar neck pad. Remove the liner by bending at the side of the tape, and then peel back. After this is done, you want to add about a 1/16″ tab at the end of the tape you just applied. This will make removing the guitar neck pad very easy. You can use scotch or masking tape and simply cover about 1/16″ of the end of the tape with it. Make sure the position of the tab when applied will be at the top side of the neck, next to the nut. Next you want to adhere the guitar neck pad to the top side of the back of the neck about 1/8″ down from the edge. Apply it from the point you measured at the nut, to the upper end by the heel. After this is applied, wrap the guitar neck pad around to the other side at the heel end, pull it so it’s taut, and then mark this side about 1/8″ down from the edge. Then do the same at the nut end of the guitar and mark it there. When marking the width, you should pull the guitar neck pad so there is no slack, but don’t stretch it too much. After these two points are marked, remove the guitar neck pad by holding it by the tape at the nut end, and pulling back. Never remove the guitar neck pad without holding by the tape, as it can tear. Then transfer your marks to the side that has the tape, draw a line between them, and then cut between those two points. You can use scissors, utility knife and straight edge, or a paper cutter works well. You now have a customized guitar neck pad. The next step is to apply the neck surface strip. Apply the guitar neck pad first, then measure the neck surface strip just a bit shorter than the guitar neck pad. After measuring and cutting the proper length, apply it just below the top edge, smooth it out, and you’re finished. Some people like to condition the neck surface strip a bit when it’s new by putting a small amount of hand lotion on it and rubbing it in. Feel free to cut and puzzle in any guitar neck pad material wherever you want to cushion any area of the guitar you wish. The Softnek Guitar Neck Pad takes a little while to get used to, like a new pair of shoes. So give it a few hours of playing time, after you do, there’s a good chance you’ll never go back to playing on a hard guitar neck again.


Instead of measuring the Guitar Neck Pad directly, you can also use masking tape and then transfer the marks to the Guitar Neck Pad.  Simply wrap a piece of masking tape around the the neck at the nut side, and mark the tape 1/8″ down from either side of the back of the neck, and then do the same at the last fret before the heal of the guitar. You can use a piece of masking tape to mark the length too. Then just transfer the marks to the Guitar neck pad and cut.
For those who play hard, or if you just want a little more stability, you can add another piece of our two sided tape down the center of the Guitar neck pad. Adds a bit more stability, and is just as easy to remove or re-position. Make sure to put a tab on the nut side as you did the sides. Hold by the middle and side pieces of tape with one hand, and the other side piece of tape with your other hand when removing.
Some guitarists like the Guitar Neck Pad almost flush with the fret board at the bottom of the neck (Treble string side). Simply apply that side down first as close to the edge as you wish, and then wrap around to the top (Bass side) of the guitar neck. Depending on how you play, you may want to place the Neck Surface Strip to a bit more middle of the guitar neck. That’s fine, you can experiment with positioning as much as you like.