The Guitar Neck Pad was developed by professional guitarist and studio musician, David Kear, after a nerve compression injury put him out of commission for almost a year. Because of repeated compression at the base of the index finger, he developed a condition called “trigger finger”, which is a very painful, and devastating injury. His index finger was in a splint for about a year. After the injury, his finger never completely healed, so he would use a band aid, wrapped around cotton at the base of his index finger whenever he played. This worked OK, but the best solution was to cushion the guitar neck. So….. long story short, that’s what he did. Not only did this help his finger heal, it was discovered that you can play just as well, or better, if you cushioned the guitar neck a bit. In addition, playing with a cushioned guitar neck allows you to play longer with less fatigue, barre chords are much easier to play, your thumb feels better, and it just feels great to play with a cushioned guitar neck. Not to mention it reduces your risk of hand injuries. Thus, the Guitar Neck Pad was born.
You can hear Dave here: