Why is the SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD black in color?
Black functions well. It’s a good basic color, with good contrast. It also looks good. (There are many great, classic guitars that have black necks). You can add your own fret markers with any white label material or “Wite Out” or whatever you prefer. The Neck surface strip we include with the SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD is also black, and of course that’s the surface color you’ll see. In addition to the Neck Surface Strip we carry, there are other materials available that you can use for a playing surface. Tapes of different types can be used. Vinyl electrical tape works well as a Neck Surface Strip, and is available in many colors. Our Neck Surface Strip we provide has a really good feel, and makes for a very fast neck. But you have the option to experiment with different materials as you wish.
Will the SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD hurt the finish of my guitar neck?

No. We’ve used our neck pads on many types of finishes on many different guitar necks. The removable/repositionable adhesive on the SOFTNEK GUITAR PAD is designed to come off cleanly, and will not hurt the finish. There are some conditions where any repositionable adhesive can leave a residue. If it gets too hot, or left on for prolonged periods of time. But due to the mild nature of our repositionable adhesive, if that occurs, it can be removed in a few seconds with some mild dish soap and water, or naphtha. (Naphtha is recommended by guitar makers and technicians for cleaning all types of guitar finishes). Of course, if you have a cracked or loose finish, it may be removed when the tape is removed.

Will the SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD make my guitar neck feel too thick?

The SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD is only about 1/16″ thick, and compresses even thinner when played. Many guitars with a SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD will still have thinner necks than guitars without one. Neck thicknesses vary widely. Classical guitar necks are much thicker than steel string or electric guitars; many guitarists play both. It takes just a short while to get used to the feel, like a pair of new shoes. If you play for a couple of days with a SOFTNEK GUITAR NECK PAD, there’s a good chance you won’t want to go back to playing with a hard neck. It really does make a guitar play and feel great.

What is the SOFTNEK material made out of?
The SoftNek material is a very unique, very light weight, high tech material that is designed to cushion and absorb the maximum amount of shock and pressure, while still maintaining a very thin profile. After absorbing pressure, it rebounds back to its original state immediately, and will do so for many years of repeated use. There is a fairly narrow “Goldilocks” zone when it comes to cushioning a guitar neck. Not too hard, not too soft. You want the maximum cushioning at the point when the most pressure is being applied to the guitar neck. And that’s what our SOFTNEK material does.
Can't I just wear a cushioned glove on my hand?

Sure, our store used to carry one made especially for the guitar. It didn’t work as well though. It didn’t have the same feel as actually cushioning the guitar neck. It’s kind of like having all hard chairs in your house, and then stuffing foam rubber in your pants for cushioning. It just doesn’t have the same feel. There are various pressure points on the guitar that vary depending on what chords or notes you’re playing. It’s just much better to cushion the guitar neck. Besides, it only takes a few seconds to apply the Guitar Neck Pad. And it’s easily removable, like a Post It note. You really have to experience it for a day or two. You’ll see why we say that there’s no reason for any guitar to have a hard neck.